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  • Is Onest free to use?
    Onest is a free to use app that can be dowloaded via the App store and Google Play Store. Our free version comes with usage limitations and subscription upgrades are available. Our Premium subscription allows you to enjoy all Onest has to offer and our Elite subscription is the only version that allows for private profile usage.
  • How do I edit my profile?
    To edit your profile tap the icon in top right hand corner of your profile to edit profile information. Here you can edit text, update photos, gender, sexual orientation, intentions and all other relevant information.
  • Which platforms are supported?
    Onest is available to download from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store as a native app. It is also available within your mobile browser by visiting
  • How do I change the language of the app?
    Please change the language settings in your device settings.
  • What happens if I've been incorrectly age restricted?
    Inputted the wrong age? You can correct this by verifying your age. We'll ask you to submit ID to the app to verify your age. Once your ID has been reviewed and confirmed we'll update the birthday and lift the restriction so you may continue.
  • What is a Spark?
    Really like a profile you see? Do you want them to see you as soon as possible? This is where Onest’s spark feature comes in. A Spark pushes your profile immediately to the top of the other user’s list, making sure the next time your Spark opens up the Onest App you are amongst the first profiles they see.
  • What is an Onest Like?
    Are you impatient? Do you want to jump the queue? Want to get your foot in the door early? By sending someone an Onest like you are given the opportunity to send a private message before matching and that’s not all! If the recipient accepts your message its an instant match so the conversation can continue, so make it a good one!
  • What does the Halo represent?
    At Onest, every user that uses the app must go through an initial verification process so that you have piece of mind that the user you are speaking to is a genuine person, however we strive to go one step further and give users the ability to verify each other. You may have met someone for a date and decided not to continue further. Remember, this doesn't reflect who you or they are as individuals. Why not give them a boost by verifying their profile (halo)? This helps increase their chances of finding a great match. Be kind, be Onest.
  • Cancelling my subscription
    To cancel your subscription simply go to the subscription tab in the profile settings and click the Cancel subscription button. Please be aware that deleting the App will not cancel your subscription. Once you cancel your subscription you will be able to use your Onest subscription for the remaining days you have paid for. You will then be downgraded to our Free plan.
  • Subscription renewals
    Paid Onest subscriptions are auto renewed on a monthly basis. This means you will be automatically charged on a recurring basis from the date that you purchased the subscription.
  • Accepted Payment Methods
    We accept Debit/Credit card payments from an authorised bank account, accepted credit cards include VISA, Mastercard and American Express.
  • How to I upgrade my subscription?
    If you’re interested in upgrading your Onest app subscription to either Premium or Elite you can do this via the app by simply tapping on the settings icon and selecting upgrade subscription and chose either Premium or Elite.
  • Messaging a user
    Only once you’ve matched with someone can you message them on Onest. Send gifs and profile pictures to start the spark.
  • How to block a user
    To block a user, simply open either their profile or the chat window and click the menu icon in the top right hand corner and select block. What happens next? This will remove them from your match list and they will not be discoverable by you. They will not be able to discover your profile through the home screen or messaging screen, however in the rare event that they have a direct link to your profile, they will be restricted from viewing the information on your profile They will not be notified that you have blocked them. They will appear in your accounts 'Blocked Profiles', where you can choose to release the block at any time.
  • How to report a user
    To report a profile, open either their profile or chat window and tap the top right menu icon and select report. A prompt will appear to explain the reason for the report. The Onest team will be notified of the report and take necessary action. Please note that by reporting a profile, you do not automatically block them. You will need to block the profile separately using the instructions in this FAQ.
  • What is Onest?
    Are you tired of needless searching? Fed up with mixed signals? Wish people were straightforward with their intentions? Want 100% assurance you’re speaking to a genuine person? Then you’re in the right place! Welcome to Onest the dating app whose core beliefs are to ensure safety and efficiency while traversing the diverse dating world, at Onest we ensure you’re placed in the right people with regards to your dating intentions without the possibility of coming across profiles who share different wants and needs. This coupled with Onest’s compulsory profile verification means you’re guaranteed not to be hoaxed or led astray. So, what are you waiting for? Go experience hassle free interactions but above all be honest with others and honest with yourself. Good luck!
  • Age Requirements
    You must be 18 years of age or older to use Onest, if you’re profile was denied creation it is because you did not meet our age requirements.
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